📚 Learn how Pay API is built here.

Pay uses REST API with standard HTTP verbs, Authentication, and Response Codes such as POST, PUT, GET, and more to access our API resources.

HTTPS is required for all API requests. Requests performed via plain HTTP will be rejected. API requests that do not include authentication will also fail. JSON requests should typically be encoded as UTF-8.


You can consume the APIs directly using your favorite HTTP/REST library.

Below is a table summarizing the usage of the primary HTTP methods in combination with the resource URIs:

POSTCreateCreate new resources, such as payments, recurring payment, and cashiers.
GETReadGet a list of all or specific resources, like the payment or the payouts.
PUTUpdate/ReplaceUpdate the existing resources, like refunding or canceling a payment.
PATCHUpdate/ModifyModify the existing resources, like refunding or canceling a payment.
DELETEDeleteDelete the entire or specific resources, such as payment or cashiers.

:email: Need some help?

If you encounter errors such as bugs or require assistance, please contact our email support: [email protected] Provide us with the description of the errors and the image of screen records, if possible. We will help you to resolve the problems.