To avoid uncontrollable request call frequency, we have set up a rate limit on our system. The rate limit is the maximum number of request calls allowed in a specified time.

The pay rate limit is implemented per-IP basis. We allow you to make x requests per day per IP, with an interval of x between requests. When an application exceeds the rate limit for our API, you will receive an HTTP 429 “Too Many Requests” response code. If your application got a rate-limited, it would only be unblocked after a minute since the last request caused your application to get a rate limited.

Caching API requests

Please implement caching in your application to avoid being rate-limited due to high request frequency. This is done by storing your API responses in your application. For instance, instead of calling the API on every page load, you can call the API infrequently and load the response into a local cache, which will only be loaded when users hit your website.

:email: Need some help?

If you encounter errors such as bugs or require assistance, please contact our email support: [email protected] Provide us with the description of the errors and the image of screen records, if possible. We will help you to resolve the problems.