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Over the following few articles, we'll get you set up and know our API better, starting with the prerequisites, authentication to get your API keys, handling errors you might be facing, and so on!

Pay's API conveniently connects you to Pay's a system, making payment and transaction management simple and easy in one integration with our APIs HTTP methods that allows you to do various transactions, such as:


Payment-related APIs allow you to create, capture, refund, and cancel a payment. Its body has type, amount, reference to identify the payment and many more. You can also create a subsequent recurring payment where it will be based on the initial recurring payment.


Request Payout API allows you to process and manage payouts from various sources and to various destinations. You can use it to transfer funds to your customer.


It creates a Cashier Hosted Payments Page session. It will also pass all its required information, such as the amount, currency, country, and reference.

✨ Prerequisites

Come over here to find all the things you need to start playing around with our API!

🔐 Authentication

We all like staying safe, here is our way of keeping your data safe within our services, making sure that only those who have the right credentials are allowed to use our APIs!

🔧 Architecture Style

Want to see how Pay APIs are built? Come here to see how we did it!

📦 Response Elements

Do you want to know what the responses you get look like? Here is a complete list of all response elements that you get from our APIs.

🚩 Error Handling

Uh oh, something went wrong? Don't worry. Head over hereto see all your troubleshooting options!