✍ To make sure we are all on the same page - get familiar with some of the terms we use.

Abandoned Payments

A condition occurs when a user begins to make a payment but does not complete it. We provide several total abandoned payments and their percentage from all total payments in Pay.

Abandoned Payments - Drop Off

A condition when the user makes a transaction/payment but then drops off the site or app without completing the transaction/payment, for example, when a user has reached the checkout page then leaves the app or when reached the payment process at PayPal/Card page then close the site.


A payment facilitator that allows you to complete payments for your business. It also takes responsibility for payments by process and collecting cards that Merchant has accepted.


A unique identifier is used to authenticate, connect, or perform an API call.

Approval Rate

The result is a percentage by dividing the total number of approved transactions by the total number of attempted transactions over a fixed period.


A validation process to identify the client or user who attempts to make a connection, access and create transactions in the system.

Card Network

An organization that facilitates payment card transactions. It regulates who, where, and how cards are used.

Decline Rate

The result is a percentage by dividing the total number of rejected transactions by the total number of attempted transactions over a fixed period.


Disputes are also known as a chargeback, retrieval, or inquiry when a cardholder questions payment with the card issuer/issuing bank.


A computing process to secure data from plaintext to ciphertext to prevent uninvolved parties from understanding the stored information. All HTTP-layer services and protocols (e.g., HTTP) within the Pay.com API are using TLS 1.2.


The end of an API connection communicates between received requests and sends out responses.


A disbursement process of money in exchange for goods, services, or financial assets using various payment instruments.


A process of paying out the money (usually with a big amount of cash) that is paid to customers/merchants (e.g., cashback, prize, or any payouts based on the needs).

Payment Gateway

The gatekeeper of a customer's payment data that reads and transfers payment information from a customer to a merchant's bank account.


Returning the funds received from a customer.


Retrieval Reference Number (RRN) is a unique key assigned by an acquirer to identify a card transaction.


Transferring funds from payer to payee through the respective banks or custodians of funds.

Success Rate

The percentage is obtained by dividing the total number of completed (approved) transactions by the total number of attempted transactions over a given period.


A Transaction contains the detailed information of each movement between two or more parties inside an account.

Virtual Terminal

A web page or screen where merchants can process electronic payments or enter card details to accept a transaction on behalf of the cardholder.


Webhook, also called reserve API or web callback, allows web applications to automatically communicate with other web apps and provide other applications with real-time information. E.g., when a customer’s bank confirms a payment, a customer disputes a charge, or when a recurring payment succeeds.

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