✅ Fulfill the following prerequisites before getting started with our APIs.

These are the prerequisites you must have before operating our APIs.

1. Your Pay Account

Contact our team to create your Pay account. Please reach us via email. Log in here if you have registered already.

2. Credentials

Credentials are the API Keys that specifically belong to a user. You can generate and reroll it from your dashboard account. We support two formats of API Key, Sandbox and Production. You must treat every credential with utmost privacy.

We provide you with a simple flow to access and play around with our API!



See Get Started - Authentication to learn about our authentication concept or if you're ready, jump forward to our Authentication process!

📧 Need some help?

If you encounter errors such as bugs or require assistance, please contact our email support: [email protected] Provide us with the description of the errors and the image of screen records, if possible. We will help you to resolve the problems.