🔑 See how you can obtain your API Key here.

Before operating Pay's APIs, you must have the credential ready. We apply API Key in UUID format as the credential. Follow the tutorial below to retrieve your API Key.

Step 1: Request for an Account

Contact our support team to register a Pay account for you via email. Our team will reach you by email attached with an activation link. Follow the upcoming steps embedded in the link.

Step 2: Get Your API Key

Once your Pay account is set up, the Pay Support Team will grant you an API Key.



Treat your API Key with utmost privacy to avoid data leaking.

See the process summary in the diagram below.


:email: Need some help?

If you encounter errors such as bugs or require assistance, please contact our email support: [email protected]. Provide us with the description of the errors and the image of screen records, if possible. We will help you to resolve the problems.