🚩 Ran into an error response when you created the transaction? Refer to the error handling section below.

Response Codes

We use the following HTTP status code in the response depending on the success or failure:

Status CodeDescription
201 - βœ… SuccessRequest successfully processed/created.
202 - βœ… SuccessRequest accepted, further action required.
400 - ❌ Bad RequestThe request was unacceptable.
401 - ❌ UnauthorizedNo valid API key provided.
403 - ❌ ForbiddenYou don't have permissions to perform the request.
404 - ❌ Not FoundThe requested resource doesn't exist.
422 - ❌ Unprocessable EntityPay API has failed to process the request.
429 - ❌ Too Many RequestsToo many requests hit the API too fast.
500 - ❌ Internal Server ErrorSomething went wrong on Pay system.

Error Troubleshoot

Here is our recommendation in terms of handling errors:

400 - Bad Request

πŸ’£ Cause: This error occurs because of Invalid syntax or missing a required parameter.

πŸ›  Suggestion: Recheck the request that you input. Make sure it has followed the requirements.

401 - Unauthorized

πŸ’£ Cause: This error occurs when you try to make an API call using incorrect Pay API credentials.

πŸ›  Suggestion: Please check your access token or renew the API key if necessary.

403 - Forbidden

πŸ’£ Cause: This error occurs when you're not allowed to access the requested page.

πŸ›  Suggestion: Double-check the URL and make sure you input an actual web page file name and extension.

404 - Not Found

πŸ’£ Cause: This error occurs because you provided the wrong URL, or the ID you requested is not associated with any transactions in Pay.

πŸ›  Suggestion: Use the correct URL (check for typos and our API documentation carefully).

422 - Unprocessable Entity

πŸ’£ Cause: This error happens due to invalid data/entity.

πŸ›  Suggestion: Check that all reference IDs are valid and ensure that the record exists.

429 - Too Many Requests

πŸ’£ Cause: This error happens when the user has sent too many requests in a given time or has reached the rate limits.

πŸ›  Suggestion: Please wait for a bit and retry, or try to use caching.

500 - Internal Server Error

πŸ’£ Cause: This error occurs when Pay has encountered an internal system error.

πŸ›  Suggestion: You can retry later. Please reach out to our support page below if you keep getting this error.

πŸ“§ Need some help?

If you encounter errors such as bugs or require assistance, please contact our email support: [email protected]. Provide us with the description of the errors and the image of screen records, if possible. We will help you to resolve the problems.